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But one of the bigger take-aways of that experiment was that when people were already made to feel disgusted by the gross images, they were more likely to elicit a strong reaction against interracial couples.

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They were shown 200 real engagement and wedding photos: 50 black men with white women, 50 white men with black women and 50 each of same-race black and white couples.Viewers were then shown images of same-race couples, mixed couples and silhouettes of animals and humans and asked to press a button as quickly as possible to indicate which images showed animals or humans.The study participants were faster to identify same-race couples as humans.Participants were also asked whether they would date, marry or have a child with a black person.Acceptance was high overall for both sets of relationships, but for those who disapproved, “the less accepting you are of interracial relationships, the more disgusted you are by them,” Skinner said.

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